Pavia, September 9-10-11 2015
The Conference, since the very beginning oriented towards an international perspective, is the first initiative of this kind organized in Italy. With the ambition to become a recurrent meeting, it aims at focusing the attention on the relationship between the Universities and their hosting Cities.As the dedicated scientific literature confirms, at stake are relationships of various types, touching different aspects and ranging from the urbanistic city-planning to healthcare, social and economic sectors.

The relations between the City and the University, moreover, change even to a significant extent according to the dimension of the urban context hosting universities and to the historical moment in which universities were established on the territory.

At the international level, in addition, the history of the relations between the University and the City also shows some peculiarities strongly connected to the continental area of reference. The European actuality , for instance, is different from the one of North America or from the one of Central and South America.

In the three days meeting several relevant themes and issues will be discussed, as well as concrete cases and experiences provided. This in order to highlight:
– The opportunities to reframe both the educational provision and the urban design on the basis of the communication of reciprocal needs
– How the continuous exchange and contact between the City and the University bears an array of advantages to the urban context of reference and to the population living in these areas.

barra_9settembre14:00 – 15:00 Registration (Aula Forlanini)

15:00 – 16:00
Plenary Session (Aula Magna)Fabio Rugge, Rector, University of Pavia
Stefano Paleari, President, Conference of Italian University Rectors, and Rector, University of Bergamo
Michele Di Francesco, Rector, Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia
Massimo Depaoli, Mayor, City of Pavia
Piero Fassino, President, National Association of Italian Municipalities

16:00 – 18:00
Keynote speeches
• The university and the city in Europe, John Goddard, Newcastle University
• The university and the city in China, Peng Long, Rector Beijing Foreign Studies University
• The university and the city in Latin America, Edna Cristina Bonilla Sebá, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
• The university and the city in The United States of America, Inga Saffron, The Philadelphia Inquirer

18:30 – 19:30
Guided tour
The exhibition “1525-2015. Pavia, the Battle, the Future” displaying one of the renowned Flemish tapestry dedicated to the Battle of Pavia, provided by the Museum of Capodimonte; the exhibition is enriched by multimedia and 3D installations reconstructing the whole series of tapestries of the Battle and by an experimental room managed by the course of Computer Video of the University of Pavia. | |

20:00 – 23:00
Conference Dinner in the University cloisters


9:30 – 12:30 Parallel sessions

Theme 1: The urban context and the cultural heritage (Aula del ‘400)
• Chair: Mario Panizza, Rector, University of Roma Tre
• Co-Chair: Didier Rebois, EUROPAN and Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette

Emilio Pizzi, Polytechnic of Milan
Antonella Agnoli, Library Consultant
Gianmaria Palmieri, Rector, University of Molise
Maurizio Braccialarghe, City Councillor for Cultural Affairs of Turin, and ANCI Delegate for Cultural Affairs

Theme 2: Innovation and development (Aula di Disegno)
• Chair: Marco Gilli, Rector, Polytechnic of Turin
• Co-Chair: Gaetano Manfredi, Rector, University of Naples – Federico II

Andrea Bonaccorsi, University of Pisa
Marco Bellandi, University of Florence
Ivan Lo Bello, Vice President Confindustria – General Confederation of Italian Industry
Dominik Matt, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Marco Filippeschi, Mayor, City of Pisa

12:45 – 14:45
Lunch break
Lunch for Rectors and Mayors, Palazzo Vistarino

15:00 – 18:00
Parallel sessionsTheme 3: Health and welfare (Aula del ‘400)
• Chair: Sergio Pecorelli, Rector, University of Brescia
• Co-Chair: Giovanna Ruberto, University of Pavia

Giuseppe Costa, [ Abstract ] University of Turin
Giovanna Vicarelli, [ Abstract ] Polytechnic University of Marche
Mauro Maccarrone, [ Abstract ] University “Campus Biomedico” of Roma
Mario Mantovani, Region of Lombardy, Vice President and Councillor for Health

Theme 4: The students’ city (Aula di Disegno)
• Chair: Michele Bugliesi, Rector, University Ca’ Foscari, Venice
• Co-Chair: Marzia Foroni, Ministry of University and Research

Domenico Lovecchio, [ Abstract ] RUI Foundation and Eurostudent Italy
Guido Maggioni, [ Abstract ] University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”
Andrea Fiorini, President, National Council of University Students
Carlo De Santis, President, ANDISU – National Association for the Right to Education
Paolo Perrone, Mayor, City of Lecce and Vice President National Association of Italian Municipalities

19:00 – 20:00
Concert Baroque Music Concert, Aula Magna – College Ghislieri


9:45 – 13:00 Final Plenary Session (Aula Magna)

• Chair: Roberto Lagalla, Rector, University of Palermo
• Speaker: Paola Inverardi, Rector, University of L’Aquila

Mario Panizza, Rector, University of Roma Tre (Urban context and Cultural heritage)
Marco Gilli, Rector, Polytechnic of Turin (Innovation and Development)
Sergio Pecorelli, Rector, University of Brescia (Health and Welfare)
Michele Bugliesi, Rector, University Ca’ Foscari, Venice (The students’ city)


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